5 Instances Where You May Need A Disability Lawyer

Accidents happen in our lives. They are a common by-product of being alive. The same applies to health problems. However, sometimes, such incidents can make one unable to continue to work for some time or the rest of their life. Therefore, they require some form of financial aid to support themselves, and maybe even pay the medical bills. As such, you may (like many) decide to apply for a disability claim and to cut down the cost skip hiring an experienced lawyer. However, there are five instances in life where you may need to hire one:

  1. When you consider filing for disability
    A common man does not know the legal language that is used by social security administration (SSA). Therefore, they don’t know about all the processes involved in filing a disability claim. The lack of knowledge can affect the chances of your case winning in court. That is why you should hire a disability lawyer before filing the claim. Moreover, an experienced lawyer will give advice and counsel on how to make the case to ensure you get the claim you applied for while helping with gathering medical evidence required for the application.
  2. When you file the claim
    Filing for a disability claim requires you to fill up to 40 pages of paperwork on your medical condition, work history, education, limitations, and capabilities. Even for a healthy person, it is a daunting task to collect all this information and fill them in; much less for someone who is sick. Even with help from friends and family, the process can be difficult without someone (a professional) who knows the ins and outs of a disability claim.
  3. When your claim is rejected
    If you haven’t hired a disability lawyers till this stage, then now is definitely the time that you do. Once a claim is rejected, one has to wait for a while year before they can apply again. Moreover, you can appeal against the decision the SSA came to for a reconsideration. During which, it is
    beneficial to have a lawyer by your side because your case will require hearing and testimonials from doctors, etc. An experienced disability lawyer can help with the process, and ensure that you will have a strong case that can win in court.
  4. When your case goes to the court
    Once your claim reaches the appeal stage after the rejection of the initial application, the case goes to court. It is now imperative, more than ever, to hire an experienced disability lawyer. For they possess the knowledge to make a case and argument during the hearing to ensure that turn the tables on the case. Moreover, with years of experience and networking, they will know how a certain judge like the case presented in the court and cake prepare the same accordingly.
  5. When your financial condition is dire
    Most people who apply for disability claims do so because of their financial situations. As such, the delays in the process of filing and receiving the claim can have dire consequences. Therefore, persons who have monetary emergencies and require a fastrack hearing should consider getting a disability lawyer, as they can help to achieve the same in most cases.

We see so many instances where people who should be filing for a disability lawsuit forego it because they aren’t sure if their case would win in court, in that case it’s best to actually sit down and talk with an expert as most legal consul is provided free of charge nowadays due to the competitive landscape of lawyers.