Companies that have revolutionized the concept of online business

here is no end to the fast-paced innovations in the world of scientific and information technology. It seems like a constant race that will end only when the world ends. Businesses have been there since the beginning of time but only a few have managed to become the most successful ones. The list is pretty long but here we are going to mention a few, which have been built on most unique concepts and ideas, making them the most revolutionized businesses ever.


Everyone knows now, it was created in 1994. Jeff Bezos founded, with an intention to make it an online book store, putting an end to the conventional methods of reading books. 

Yes, used to sell only books and now you can find everything you want to buy. It is now the biggest online global market and people from around the world sell and purchase there. 


This company brought tremendous transformation in the world of digital marketing. Vistaprint was the first of its kind to offer small businesses advanced marketing solutions through the internet in 1999.

It not only provides digital marketing products but also physical marketing products. Their website is beautiful and very convenient to get your orders done. You can get business cards, brochures, flyers, calenders, shirt and what not, printed in the best quality. 


Anthony Casalena made with an intention to provide all the web/internet related facilities under one roof. Although he was lucky to have inherited $30,000 from his father to start –up this business, his brains made him stand out in the crowd of entrepreneurs of his time. provides services like website building, web hosting, content management, blogging, domain registration and much more. 

4. Ethereum

After Bitcoin revolution, there is another mighty revolution in the world of blockchain and that is Etheruem. It is from the world of tomorrow as many such businesses are still not even invented and therefore it is called a revolution. Ethereum is fueled by ‘ether’ which is its basic and most necessary unit for operating the decentralized platform that runs smart contracts. 

It is a development platform of a Swiss non-profit organization, Ethereum Foundation, and with the contribution of great and smart minds across the world is is bound to do great things. To list a few here are some ways Ethereum is used: 

· Design and issue your own cryptocurrency.

· Kick-start a project with trustless crowd sale.

· Create democratic autonomous organization.

· Build a new kind of decentralized application.


The Idea of Mark Zuckerburg and his partner students at Harvard College became a hype in no time. The concept was unique and the idea had the power to take over the world and it did! 

Facebook is one of the most profitable companies in the world and with continued efforts, they have made it stand stronger since it was created. Today, everyone prefers Facebook over any other social media channel and everyone is in love with what Facebook offers.

Learning about the concepts and ideas behind the companies listed above, it can be concluded that the world never stops and the best idea wins. The art is not only in thinking and knowing that you have a great idea in mind, what really matters is in fact how much effort you are putting in your idea to make it real and be part of the race.